Monkey Developers ‘Aware Marketing’
With Solid Process Systems

Process : An established routine & set of procedures or steps to accomplish a task.

Our business runs on  well thought out processes designed to improve our efficiency and to ensure the effectiveness of our products. We are not exactly running a boot camp at our virtual offices, but every task we undertake is run through a series of preset steps, checks, and verifications, to ensure that a solid result is achieved every time.

Lovingly known to all Monkey Developers as ‘the suit’, Rita, with her ample corporate experience, and MBA education, has ensured that the right procedures are in place for every facet of our operations and our different departments. Even our more artistically minded designers, follow the same set of systems in all transactions, communications, and tasks.  Our core team of Monkey Developers and our supporting Monkeys  are trained to use an existing process for every task, and to always test our work before we pass it along to the next step.  We have found that this structure allows our creativity to flourish because it frees us to focus on the product needs instead of on the process.

These Process Systems,our holistic perspective of Design, Development & Marketing, together with our philosophy of ‘Conscious Entrepreneurship’ give us a solid foundation.

Who would have thought it?! Our business processes are incredibly liberating! Allowing us to focus on the creative parts and your brand!

Monkey Developers vs. Typical Developers

Here are some of the differences between our Monkey offices and those of less organized
or less well supported web developers:

Vast in house expertise and access to specialized professionals in all areas.
vs. Expertise limited to person or immediate staff’s knowledge.

Professional techniques used due to multiple resources and the use of specialists in each area.
vs. The use of limited techniques due to personal limitations.

Efficient use of time and resources which allow us to give your super fast service.
vs. Delayed timelines, and inefficient response times.

Strong project management processes ensuring solid results.
vs. No defined process; often unorganized,
and off the cuff work.

Many choices for technology and skill utilization and therefore a wide array of solutions provided our clients.
vs. Limited offerings of services and therefore
restricted project solutions.

Systems designed to integrate our different departments to make it easier to define and realize the client’s vision.
vs. Difficulty in realizing the client’s vision and branding needs due to lack of specialization in each specific area.

A culture of constant evolution and of using the latest technology allows Monkey Developers to provide you with up-to-date products and services.
vs. Using outdated systems and difficulty in catching up with current trends and innovations.

A business identity based on business processes, knowledge sharing and a constantly evolving team that ensures that Monkey Developers is here year after year for our clients.
vs. The use of individuals, the lack of knowledge libraries and
survivability plans.

The ability, through efficiency and technology to provide small businesses with an incredible product for prices they can easily afford and an always evolving web presence.
vs. Costs that are all over the place and lack of upkeep or knowledge of how the page will be kept updated.

Monkey Developers intense focus on the careful development of your brand and web presence.
vs. Focus on creating ‘just another webpage’.

Design – Development & Marketing – A tripod forming a strong foundation that allows us to provide you with a comprehensive web presence.
vs. Lack of specialization in each area and use of
‘generalistic’ techniques.

Vast knowledge library and specialized resuources. No learning while building.
vs. Learning while implementing, and all the challenges
included with it.

A team whose philosophy is one of ‘Aware Marketing’ with a holistic approach and regards their clients needs as their own.
vs. A person or group that transacts business
the traditional way.

These Process Systems,our holistic perspective of Design, Development & Marketing, together with
our philosophy of ‘Aware Marketing’ give us a solid foundation.

If you think our systems and philosophies are aligned with yours, please contact us to request a meeting.
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