Frequently Asked Questions
Do you monitor my website ?

We never leave, and the lights are never off. We are a true 24/7/365 company. Our support staff is constantly monitoring your website, making sure that you are always up.

Is the MD System affordable ?

When you truly consider the facts – when you add up all of the features – we undeniably offer more value than any nearest competitor. Sometimes you have to look beyond the price and consider all things such as quality, uptime, support and then features. There is an advantage to the MD System.

Does MD respond quickly ?

Our average response time for requests is withing 24 hours. Do you need an album up? Just email us the specifications and so it will be done.

Who are the Monkey Developers ?

Mostly young talented and motivated web professionals who thrive on the razor’s edge of technology, and of course some not so young professionals who keep the rest of us well-behaved, in check and humble.

Talent runs deep within our organization. This means a better experience for you. While working at (md) Monkey Developers may be great, it isn’t for the faint of heart. We work hard, reward well, and (yes, we’ll give you a Red Bull). Simply, we find, hire and train the most talented individuals possible and we work hard to keep them.

Does MD have a solid business structure ?

We’re not going anywhere. Our longevity and experience matters. The business structure is set for constant adaptation, growth, redundancy and survivability.

What type of hosting does MD use ?

In 2006, shared server technology died. The web changed, and so have the requirements of site owners. Traffic is up and traditional servers are buckling under the pressure. A new solution was needed that could handle overnight load spikes without costly reconfiguration. We use the latest on-the-cloud web hosting. If you’d like – HOSTING 2.0.

Is MD service reliable ?

The servers we use offer some of the highest level design and engineering features available in the world; accomplishing the most uptime, security, cooling and power redundancy standards.

What is MD’s special spice ?

Some of the most talented designers serve their digital creations at (md). Design being one of the most critical elements on the Internet, we believe this has strong merit.

Can I have my website loaded with all the toppings ?

(md) Monkey Developers is first to market with new technologies. Notably, we develop sites designed to be constantly upgradable, up to date and loaded with performance solutions, like client reachable blogging software in one of the most powerful, affordable utility website platforms out there, Platform System.

What happens if ?

Just like all complex systems, website services occasionally encounter problems. When something unexpected happens within our network that affects your websites, we immediately rise to the challenge and provide transparent updates in real-time through email and our client representatives. Our support staff will pull all the stops to restore operations in internet time.

Will I be able to take my page to another host?

The website has been built using sophisticated Content Management Systems, which give it its good looks, optimizes its content for the search engines, and makes it extremely easy to use. It also makes it very difficult to transfer. When you cancel your subscription you will not be able to transfer the site automatically.

We will provide you with your post files which contain your text files. The images are are licensed for the exclusive use of 0ur designers, should you want to use the same images outside of our system, we strongly advice you to license the images anew under your name.

Why should I use Monkey Developers ?

Because our priority is to get you as a client by providing you with a rocking website. Because we are confident enough that you will like what our website does for your business that we are willing to build it for you before you hire us. Because our ‘keep it fresh’ system will always keep your website as fresh and relevant as the first day its little electrons came off the mother board.

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