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Why did you build a web-page for HypnoBirththing Practitioners?

Part of the Monkey Developer team are husband, Boris, and wife Rita. She is expecting her first child and got lucky enough to hear about the HypnoBirthing classes from the birth center. While researching the philosophy we fell in love with it. We felt that the practitioners could use a Madison Avenue type of site that fully reflects the beauty of the program. We are super excited at being able to help present their brand in the best way possible.

We feel very lucky to have come across the practitioners we have met, we feel that the HypnoBirthing classes have prepared us for birth and all its wonderful possibilities. We feel happy to be able to provide the practitioners with a page that looks amazing at an affordable price.

Are you affiliated with the HypnoBirthing Institute?

We are in no way affiliated with the HypnoBirthing Institute. We are providing the web-page to HypnoBirthing practitioners as allowed and governed under their agreement with the Institute.

Who owns the content?

The content belongs the HypnoBirthing Institute and the practitioner as governed under their licensing agreement. We have populated the pages with standard content that the practitioner will be able to edit, change, delete, add to, as the practitioner sees fit. It is the practitioner’s responsibility to review all content to verify that the content is appropriate and correct for their use.

Content that links to other websites such as ‘Press’ articles and blogs belongs to their copyright holder, and is governed under fair usage copyright. We recommend that the practitioner get acquainted (link here) with it before starting to blog.

Who will be able to use this web-page?

This page is for the exclusive use of practitioners associated and current with the HypnoBirthing Institute. It will not be available to anyone else.

Will this page be available to all HypnoBirthing Practitioners?

Yes. This page will be made available to all practitioners who are affiliated and current with the Institute. We have met many practitioners and they are wonderful and generous people. We feel that opening up the page to everyone will benefit everybody.

How can I have the same page as other practitioners?

We have met many practitioners and have noticed that they are wonderful, generous people who love to share the HypnoBirthing philosophy and its benefits with parents to be. We have learned that practitioners work in a collaborative spirit, rather than in a competitive one. We believe that the benefits of having a professionally developed page that makes them look great at an affordable price will help their bottom line.

Practitioners will be able to edit all content to make it their very own. The blog will allow practitioners to provide information and added value to their readers and clients.

Do I need to sign a long term contract?

You will be able to cancel your subscription at any time.

What am I getting with the website and subscription?

You are getting a professional, enterprise class, fully optimized website. Customizable content. Blog. Support. Hosting. Social Applications. And much more.

Will I be able to take my page to another host?

The website has been built using sophisticated Content Management Systems, which give it its good looks, optimizes its content for the search engines, and makes it extremely easy to use. It also makes it very difficult to transfer. When you cancel your subscription you will not be able to transfer the site automatically.

We will provide you with your post files which contain your text files. The images are are licensed for the exclusive use of 0ur designers, should you want to use the same images outside of our system, we strongly advice you to license the images anew under your name.

What if we need multiple user accounts?

Add a number of accounts to your plan and you won’t be billed per additional user over what the plan already provides. You will be able to let a partner help you posts blogs.

How long does it take to get started?

Behind your practitioner’s page good-looks are powerful, useful features. It’s not hard to learn them all, You will be blogging like a pro in an instant!. “Quick-wins” are realized instantly from basic features, such as Easy Image Upload. It just gets better as day-by-day you notice features that make updating your page a breeze. Before you know it, you’ll look back and realize your practice has a robust platform in place, and your page is getting more hits. it delivers value all along the way.

What do I need?

A web browser and Internet connection. We recommend Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox for speed and reliability.

Your prices seem low.

They are. We have spent time optimizing your page for results. All the difficult and time consuming work has already been done by our marketing experts. We have developed the applications and settings for efficiency and effectiveness. Because of this, we’ll be able to set up your page in no time at all. Your features are pre-loaded and you won’t need to get additional pieces of sofware. Being on the cutting edge of technology means that the complexity stays in the background and your experience is effortless. We will then focus on keeping your website up getting you new clients. And we’ll always continue to evolve your features for maximum benefit.

Your prices seem high.

Consider this, we have a simple price structure with a low activation fee, and a monthly payment that includes hosting and maintenance It is like having your own technical team, and a constantly monitored page, that evolves with you.

Our page is complete with many features you will find useful and profitable, including your social network, and newsletter applications, intense security and expert level technical support which could cost you a ton with regular old webpages. Those are the benefit of being on the cloud and using the latest technology. A page that makes you look this good could be a boon to your business! No need to have your nephew’s friend build you that page with blurry graphics and broken links.

Will you be there for me?

We prioritize all requests (important ones will jump ahead), it’s not unusual for us to respond and solve support requests in less than an hour.

Woody Allen once suggested that 80% of success is “showing up.” Here we are, we have learned about HypnoBirthing® and grown to love it; hope you like what we did with the other 20%!
Here is your opportunity to ask all of your questions and to see what other practitioners have to say.
Please leave your questions as comments below. We will be happy to answer them for you.You can contact us to request a call back, or pay for your page here.
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