The key to being found by ALL Parents-to-be in an increasingly competitive internet.

‘New Life’ was created to help you rank high on the google searches and to bring you to the top.

Ranking high on the search engines is one of the best ways for you to market your practice and to be found by clients.  And it is Free! We have spent countless hours optimizing and testing our SEO strategy to make sure you benefit from being found by as many parents-to-be as possible.

Is there a secret sauce? Yes, and.. no.  Search engines like google, and yahoo, use sophisticated algorithms that take many aspects of the webpage into account, like how clean the code is, how the page is structured, what words appear in certain parts of the page, etc.

Our -not so secret- way to succeed with the search engines is to have clean code, use the correct keywords at the correct places, have straight forward navigational architecture, and our use software that helps us make sure that all content is as optimized as possible.

There are many businesses that charge hundreds of dollars to do just this.  We have included it on the design of your page. While these businesses try to sell you complicated and unintelligible SEO ‘strategies’; we have found through experience that solid work in key word selection and positioning ahead of hand, will beat all of their tricks. We offer your site built in SEO search optimization, and can optimize it for you with one of our extra SEO packages.

You will see the benefits of ranking highly very quickly.  And not only for HypnoBirthing websearches; We have made sure to implement a system that will help you rank high on more broad searches like ‘childbirth classes’, ‘natural birth’ etc.  Giving your practice incredibly expanded visibility and added profits.

New Life When parents-to-be search the internet for childbirth classes they can come across hundreds of pages, all of them competing for their attention. We help bring you to the top! Together with the solid looks of your ‘New Life’ webpage it is a winning combination!

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