Website Development

Monkey Developers starts out by doing a basic analysis of the client’s Public Relations and Marketing needs. Our hyper-specialized marketing specialists, designers, and programmers work together using the latest technology to build an Attractive & Effective website that best represents your brand and brings you instant credibility.

Because our core background is in Public Relations and Marketing, we make sure that the technology we use is there for a purpose, to magnify your branding & marketing and to provide you with great results. As sophisticated and advanced the technology we use is, it will be almost invisible to you, yet you will feel it in every page, in every feature, in how easy it is to spread to social networks, in how incredibly easy it is to navigate, in how it is optimized for the search engines, in how easy it is to update, and of course, in the results to your bottom line.

Our webpages start at an incredibly low $1200.00. That is for a complete webpage with all the social features like facebook, optimized for Search Engine Optimization, with an easy to use blog, events page, contact forms, etc. This is the perfect solution for individuals and small to medium size businesses that need a professional looking page with all the marketing features to set them apart from the competition. Our website clients will receive our PR & Marketing basics, and recommendations on how to enjoy results from the many features and tools on their website.

In-Depth PR & Marketing Consulting

Our core marketing team is headed by Boris and Andre, both accomplish professionals in ‘entrepreneurial business’ marketing, using the principles of conscious entrepreneurship, aware marketing, social maximization, and the 80/20 principle. We know that you have been doing something right because you have managed to survive in the competitive entrepreneurial world. If you are ready to maximize your marketing efforts, potential and profits, we, and our specialized advisors are ready to help you with an in-depth examination of your needs and wants and to help you formulate a detailed PR and Marketing master plan. A down to earth, tested, effective way to quickly get the results you want.

Our in-depth PR and Marketing Consultation plans are billed at $120.00 an hour. Many businesses choose to start off with our 2 hour package. The first hour
delves into the heart of your current marketing systems and quickly identifies
the areas that could be strengthen or started. During the second hour we
write down the results of the analysis of your business during the first
hour and present you with detailed recommendations for your
marketing plans. Our recommendations to you have been
tested, yet will be customized for your specific
circumstance, and needs. Results are
our main objective; you will see
immediate results.

Design & Branding

Our web development starts from a Public Relations and Marketing perspective, and looks are very important.

Our team of designers, headed by Pavol, can help you refine and define your brand. Our Designer Professionals are experts are identifying your branding needs and placing the message you want to present in a very professional and credibility building format. Our designers’ task is to make you look good with a purpose; to turn visitors into clients. We keep updated with the latest research and constantly strive to give your web presence the most effective looks, structure and content possible. Your page will evolve with you, as we find ever more effective enhancements for it.

We take a holistic approach to your web presence.

We know that it takes a lot more than good looks to make it in the very competitive world of business. The good looks of your webpage will be backed up by our holistic approach to marketing. Your website will have Strong SEO capabilities built in, all the social applications -where the most bang for your buck is-, and all the features needed to turn visitors into clients.

Nothing is left to chance. Your website is scientifically build for your success from the ground up.

If you think our systems and philosophies are aligned with yours, please contact us to request a meeting.
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