Great Looks & Credibility:

Beautiful philosophy, gorgeous page! Why have an almost ok site when you can have ‘New Life’ to broaden the appeal of natural, gentle, peaceful birth, to as many parents-to-be as possible?”

Search Engine Optimized:

New Life will bring your practice to the top on the search engines! It is designed to be found by all parents-to-be, not just those searching for HypnoBirthing. Bringing its benefits to those who need it most.


Share your knowledge with your visitors, making your page the go-to-source, giving your visitors a reason to return and to share your page with their friends. Become a trusted resource in your community.

“ New Life will help maximize your practice and your profits with great looks for credibility, advanced Search Engine Optimization so you can be found, and enterprise quality capabilities.  All for a very low price!”

New Life is an ‘enterprise quality‘ webpage that can help you spread the philosophy of gentle and natural birth to as broad a market as possible. It will help you maximize your HypnoBirthing® Practice and related businesses.

The builders of the ‘New Life’ website, husband Boris and wife Rita, found HypnoBirthing® the same way many practitioners did, by taking the class and finding it life-changing.

Our daughter, Aura, was born on May 22nd, at the CT birth center.  Rita had a 100% natural birth, and baby is calm, happy and healthy – We couldn’t be happier to have chosen HypnoBirthing® as our childbirth education class!

When we searched for our HypnoBirthing® class, we found out that many practitioners have pages that would benefit from being presented in a more professional and credible manner.

As ‘conscious entrepreneurs’ we felt we had an opportunity to use our expertise in Public Relations, Marketing, and Website Developing, to help bring greater visibility to the philosophy and the practitioners.

We set out to build a page that would be affordable, look professional, bring credibility to the philosophy, with all the social features, a blog, be search engine optimized to be VERY visible, be easy to use, and most importantly, to turn visitors into clients!

It took us three months, but we think we have built what we set out to do. In the process, we have met many practitioners, got to know them as very generous people, and bettered the page with their input. For example, we added a services listing that allows you to personalize your different services, and a page to list all your links and recommendations.

We built this page because we believe that HypnoBirthing® deserves it and its practitioners would benefit from a professionally built page with all the whistles that provide results.

  • Our customization will make your page’s look all your own!
  • The Page is built to produce results to make the investment on it more than pay for itself!
  • It will be the best page for childbirth classes in your area; period. Be the one who gets the client!
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimized so you can be found FIRST on internet searches -This itself can cost hundreds of dollars a month!
  • All the social features you need like facebook, blogging, events, automatic enrollment forms to get you results!

In the competitive world of childbirth classes your web presence can make the whole difference in whether parent’s to be will choose you or a competing childbirth class. ‘New Life’ was built to go to the top of google searches and to get you clients.

As the internet gets more competitive, can you afford not to have the best website possible?

We built New Life because we loved our class and believe that the Mongan Method deserves the best page of all childbirth classes.

This type of page built for just one person costs thousands and thousands of dollars. Because we built it for the HypnoBirthing practitioner community you will be able to afford it, and to profit from it. By having a better website than the childbirth class competition, you will get the client.

Parents to be will take a childbirth class. Why not have a page that will assure that they learn about what HypnoBirthing has to offer and take your class?

We hope to hear from you soon, and to help you spread the HypnoBirthing® philosophy and your practice to ALL parents to be! Feel free to leave any questions as a comment on our ‘New Life Questions & Answers Page’, or to contact us directly.

Your HypnoBirthing® parents, Boris & Rita
And your Monkey Developer team.

Be Found – Look Good – Turn visitors into… HypnoBirthing Ambassadors!

“New Life will help maximize your profits- All for a very low price!”

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