Monkey Developers designed ‘New Life’ with credibility as the priority. Credibility refers to the objective and subjective components of believability of your web presence, its trustworthiness. It’s the set of design cues that give visitors the confidence to select you and become your client.

There is no substitute for high-quality web design as a means of increasing your website leads and online sales. When parents-to-be search the internet for childbirth classes they can come across hundreds of pages, all of them competing for their attention. The solid looks of your ‘New Life’ webpage adds an immediate sense of credibility and trustworthiness.

Stanford University’s Web Credibility Research stated that; “success of most websites hinges on credibility.” The premium design of ‘New Life’ benefits practitioners by maximizing their credibility and increasing their success.

We know that people quickly evaluate a site by visual design. When designing ‘New Life’ we payed attention to every little detail; layout, typography, images, consistency, ease of navigation, etc.

Professional Design

First impressions are a vital part of establishing initial trust and credibility with your visitors. Website design that is messy, unorganized or just simply unappealing will surely cause a prospective client to go with your competitor. We made ‘New Life’ beautiful and easy to use for you and your visitors! But of course having a beautiful website is not enough… it has to be built with strong Search Engine Optimization, so it can be found, it has to be social to mingle with your community, and very importantly it has to be affordable…

Website Usability

Visitors need to be able to navigate quickly to where they want to go.  If you confuse your visitors and they get stuck and cannot figure out how to get to your ‘Order’ page, ‘Enquiry’ page or your ‘Checkout’ page then you will lose them. Monkey Developers created ‘New Life’ within the price range practitioners can afford; It really is a premium site that hat has a perfect blend of beauty and functionality, designed to captivate visitors and turn them into your clients.


‘New Life’ comes preloaded with HypnoBirhthing® testimonials, and makes it super simple for you to upload your own. The testimonials together with the professional looks of your page make for incredible credibility!

New Life increases your credibility:

  • Carefully selected professional photographs
  • Top-Notch designs for logos and graphics
  • Careful color coordination for warmth and relaxation
  • Consistency in looks amongst all pages
  • Clear navigation structure that makes
    it easy to find content
  • Complete set of pages and options,
    including events, testimonials,
    on the press, faq’s, etc.

Project Notes

Our original intent was to use our expertise to design an affordable, simple page, that would present practitioners and the HypnoBirthing® philosophy in the best light possible.  As our team spent time with the project it caught our HypnoBirthing® bug. Together we continued to see capabilities and pages that we thought would make the page better and adding them.  We ended up building the ‘enterprise quality’ page with all the capabilities you see now. We spent over three months designing ‘New Life’ and are proud of how beautiful it came out, and how complete we made it. It really is one of our best creations.

It is our hope that it will help you grow your practice as much as the HypnoBirthing® class has helped us.

For us, it comes down to working on projects we believe in.


Your Monkey Developer and Marketing Specialist

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