The ability to easily blog is the ability to easily communicate with your community.  Your ‘New Life’ practitioner’s website gives you the keys to tell your story, spread valuable information about natural birth, and just about anything you think will be of value to your visitors.

Your blog gives your visitors the information they want and need, keeps them coming back for more, and gives them the opportunity to share your ‘New Life’ webpage with their communities online.  The social widgets that come preloaded allows your visitors to post to facebook at the click of a button, spreading your page to their social groups.

We know that ranking high on the search engines is one of the best ways for you to market your practice and to be found by clients.  Your ‘New Life’ blog will give you the opportunity to include and incredible amount of keywords to your webpage for the search engines to find.

Imagine that… Not only to have an outlet to spread your knowledge and your passions; but also to drive visitor to your site while you do it!

Our recomendations, which you’ll get as during your familiarization session as you turn on your ‘New Life’ webpage and in our newsletters, will advice you to post the articles that you find on the net, first to your blog, and then from it to your facebook . This way you’ll make sure to drive the traffic to your page first, before your visitors go to the full article.

And all of this, again, is Free! We have spent countless hours optimizing your facebook and social widgets, to make sure you benefit from your blog as much as possible. On each and every page of  your ‘New Life’ website, your visitors will have the opportunity to spread your practice to their communities.

As you see, blogging together with our social features, will add a new depth to your online presence!

You will find that posting blogs and editing your content is as easy as one, two, three, posted!

  • One: Write Title
  • Two: Write or paste content and edit just as you would an email or word document.
  • Three: Upload or link image if you so wish.
  • Post: Select category with a click and press….. POST!

And that is it; You will be a blogging super star in no time! And don’t worry, you can call us at any time with any questions; we are always happy to help you along this new journey.

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