Who are Monkey Developers ?

We are specialized PR & Marketing consultants, designers and developers, who work together using the latest technology and systems to give your web presence a unified and clear strategy, professional-credible looks, and that will have all the social tools and features your website needs to put you at the top of your business class on the internet.

We leave nothing to chance. You will benefit by having a website that was built using our ‘aware marketing‘ philosophy, in which every aspect of it is well thought out and part of a holistic approach.

  • Engaging Design
  • Aware Marketing
  • Purposeful Web Development

Our Philosophy

Lately, as we have begun to be more selective of our clients, and as we have started to work more in the ‘natural‘ or ‘holistic‘ areas, and as we have realized how much we enjoy working in these projects, we have started to call ourselves ‘Conscious Entrepreneurs’.

Our definition of ‘Conscious Entrepreneur‘: Someone who believes that his or her work should resonate and be aligned with their beliefs and values.

We have noticed that every one of our projects that is aligned with our values are that much more enjoyable, enriching, and give us an unparalleled feeling of satisfaction.

We have always loved to learn, loved to put our knowledge to good use, and have had a very good time creating our current systems, even with, or perhaps, because of, all the complexities and challenges that merging Marketing with Web Development pose as we endeavor to tame them and make our technology and systems as easy to use and as effective as possible . That is what brought our core group together, and what has kept us aligned in the same path.

‘Aware Marketing’: Our belief that our marketing efforts should reflect the beliefs of the clients and that all of the techniques that we use should be aligned with their values. And in which every aspect of the marketing campaign is well thought out and part of a holistic approach to get the client great results.

Our History

Monkey Developers started as a PR & Marketing consulting group. As time went by, and the internet became a stronger marketing force for small businesses, we realized that most of our time with our clients was spent on helping them with their web-strategy and in making sure that it was consistent with strong marketing principles that would work for them.

Of course, most of the time it was a battle to locate or to get their ‘web developers’ to add the features the client needed.

In 2007 we made the transition into web development. We did it to be able to provide our clients with pages that would consider all of their needs and have all the tools they needed to succeed.

As our knowledge and specialization grew, we kept on searching for a system that would allow us maximum freedoms and efficiencies. Finally in 2010 technology caught up with our aspirations and we developed the system that we currently use.
These last few years have been incredibly rewarding both personally and professionally for us. Our system is both extremely sophisticated and incredibly efficient.

Our system takes advantage of the latest technology, and is at the same time, sophisticated and extremely efficient. It allows us to give our small business clients an ‘enterprise quality’ web presence that many could not afford before.

  • Knowledge. Monkey Developers gives you years of experience in the sometimes-overwhelming world of the Internet. Our comprehensive process system will ensure that get a solid experience.
  • Marketing. A public relations and marketing professional will make sure that your design is result oriented and fulfills its purpose; to maximize your profits.
  • Technology. Hand selected professionals who are motivated to work in the razor edge of technology to quickly provide you with rocking websites.  Always the latest technology to drive the efficiency and effectiveness of your website.
  • Design. An expert designer will head  your project to make sure that your website has great credibility,  looks professional, appealing, relevant, and its looks will help turn your visitors into clients.
  • Reliability. Monkey Developers uses the most advanced servers with redundant back ups to ensure your web presence is always up. With systems and procedures that are followed rigorously to present you with a reliable web experience and customer service you will grow to love!
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